Basia's Thoughts

EP3 What is Real?

April 25, 2020 Basia Season 1 Episode 3
Basia's Thoughts
EP3 What is Real?
Show Notes

Science and Personal Experience and Spirituality

In this episode we start off talking about what most people automatically tend to see as real. 
We talk about what has traditionally been related to the ideas of being scientific and how this has impacted our society and our values.

Then we slip into the world of Science and look at what physics actually seems to be telling us about what is more fundamental.

Here I mention two experiments and I thought I would give you the links to them so that you can read them if you are interested.  The first is Wigner's Friend and the other is Wheeler's delayed choice.

In regards to physics I mention David Bohm, implicit and explicit orders, holistic aspects, etc.  If you would like to learn about these I recommend his and Basil Hiley's book The Undivided Universe.

I talk about science being ready for letting go of the cumbersome materialist assumption.  You can read about that here.

Then we talk about our personal experiences and a bit of spirituality.  We also discuss what drives the dynamics of of the Universe, from a spiritual perspective, and how it is manifested in our tangible world.

All in all wrapping everything up by concluding that science seems to show us that there might not be an objective physical world out there.  Instead, what is real are the potentialities that become measurable when we choose a perspective.

Personal experiences as well as spirituality also seem to indicate that the perception of real comes from our intangible aspect and is lent to what seems measurable.

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