Basia's Thoughts

EP14 The Appearance of Multiplicity

July 27, 2020 Basia Season 1 Episode 14
Basia's Thoughts
EP14 The Appearance of Multiplicity
Show Notes

Today we discuss questions like:

What is the underlying dynamics of our Universe?
How does multiplicity spring forth from an Indivisible Ultimate reality?
Why is there something rather than nothing?
Does it make sense to talk about the Ultimate if it is not describable?

We talk about how Niels Bohr, a physicist, got the physics community onboard to abandon ontology because he intuited an underlying "unanalyzable" wholeness.

Then we look at how David Bohm decided to look at the idea of wholeness in physics and try to describe aspects of it.  He talked about the Implicate and the Explicate orders and a dynamical process. 

This leads us to the idea of trinity.  Oddly enough many religions seem to have it as its basis for how the world works.  In Taoism we have the Tao that gives rise to the One which gives rise to the Two, which gives rise to the Three, and from there multiplicity springs forth.
In Christianity we have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, etc.  We also look at the symbolic representation of this in the Eneagram where the circle represents the ultimate nameless and the triangle the expression of it, and from there all forms arise.

We look at Advaita Vedanta and  Sat, Chit, Ananda (Being, Awareness, Bliss) as our innermost nature. 

Even though we are unable to describe the Ultimate Reality, we can describe aspects of what is described as the Trinity.  And doing so would open up a new dimension for physics, but that would have to move beyond materialism (the idea that there is a material world out there independent of the Ultimate Reality).

And finally we ask if based on all these insights we can say that the Ultimate Reality caused our manifest world to become into being.  Interestingly enough we find that it did not. 

Thus we finish by posing the question:  "Why is there something rather than nothing?"
And find an interesting answer.

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